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              Successful Completion& Delivery of the First Core Process Module of COOEC LNG Canada Project


              On December 10, the first core process module of LNG Canada Project constructed by COOEC was completed and delivered at Qingdao Yard. The project realizes the integrated construction of core process module and pipe rack module together as one for the first time in the world. It is another ultra-large core process module construction project undertaken by COOEC after the world's first Arctic LNG factory---Yamal LNG Project was delivered successfully in 2017.

              LNG Canada Project is located in Kitimat, a community in Northern BC in Canada. Its owner is a joint venture between Shell, Petronas, PetroChina, Mitsubishi and Kogas.

              The LNG Canada Project plans to build 4 production lines, of which 2 production lines are planned to be built in Phase I, with an annual output of 13 million tons of LNG. COOEC contracted the construction of 35 modules in Phase I of the project.The first steel cut was made in Qingdao, China on November 30, 2019,  the Project Work includes all of the 19 core process modules, with a total weight of about 180000 tons, equivalent to the steel structure weight of three Burj Khalifa Tower, the world’s tallest building in Dubai. The module delivered this time is a utility core process module with a height of 37 meters and a weight of 5465 tons, which is composed of three main pallets. It mainly undertakes the pretreatment of feed gas.

              During the construction of the project, COOEC realized the large-scale project application of the new NBG (Non-back Gas) welding process for the first time in the world, which improved the safety of welding large-bore stainless steel piping spools ;Many technological innovations such as double system jacking of large tonnage pallets, pallets SPMT erection and lifting of ultra- large structures have been achieved, and the prefabrication tonnage of a single pallet in the workshop has been increased from 300 tons to 700 tons; the application of informatization is being vigorously promoted with palletization,integration and 4D visualization management achieved.The integrated construction capacity and level for ultra- large LNG modular factory has been effectively improved.

              Facing severe challenges of high technical requirements for construction and severe impact of the Covid-19, COOEC has built up a line of defense against the epidemic, paid high attention to safety. By establishing an “Area Action Team” and introducing advanced information technology, a series of measures are taken to create a distinctive safety and quality culture. COOEC actively builds “The Safest Project on Earth” and “Flawless Project Delivery”. More than 8000 workers have been mobilized in the peak period of the project, the continuous LTI-free man hours have exceeded 20 million man hours.

              At present, the construction of all 35 modules of the LNG Canada Project has been commenced, of which 27 modules have started the erection, and all the works are carried out in an orderly manner according to the construction schedule.