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              Gangway of Lvda 4-2WHPC Topsides Successfully Connects the New and the Old Platforms


              Recently, with the hook of the “Lan Jing” floating crane lowered, the gangway, the last individual structure of Lvda 4-2 Project WHPC topsides at the Liaodong Bay operation area, successfully connected the new and the old platforms, marking that a brand new chapter will soon be started for offshore operations. 

              The installation of the gangway has not only cleared the channel for connection of the new and the old platforms but also laid a solid foundation for successful connection of process pipelines and cables between the two platforms.

              With the approach of the Year of the Ox, various parties of the Project are going all out to realize offshore mechanical completion and put the new platform into production by the end of February. After that, the Project will become the first one put into production in the Bohai Sea area in 2021 and it will be the first completed standard platform of our company in the Bohai area.

              Photo: Lifting Site