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              Offshore Hoisting of CEPA Jacket for Luda 6-2 Project Completed Successfully


              On March 7, the offshore hoisting of CEPA jacket for Luda 6-2 Project was completed successfully with the joint efforts of “Blue Whale” main work ship and the “Marine Oil 278” ship.

              To ensure that the jacket can be hoisted and installed at the right location underwater in a safe and efficient way, the cooperative teams of the project, prior to the hoisting work, carried out a series of work such as overall planning, scheme optimization, careful deployment, pre-work technical disclosure and risk analysis. During the hoisting process, the construction team overcame the difficulties such as high winds, large waves and cold weather, and strictly implemented the hoisting scheme. After 2 hours’ hard work, the hoisting work was successfully completed. The total weight of the structure is over 3100t.

              The successful hoisting of the jacket is a good start for the offshore installation work of the project.

              Fig. 1: Construction Workers Doing Cutting and Fixing Work

              Fig. 2: Successfully Hoisted CEPA Jacket

              Fig. 3: In Place Precisely